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Religious Sites

GBC This is the church we attend.
ODB We both get our daily spiritual nourishment from Our Daily Bread. We occasionally read something that reminds us of how should conduct ourselves in life.
MMS This is one of many web sites that I have created for individuals or groups. To find out more about my side business of web development, check out Winger's World Wide Web Services.

Sci-Fi Servers

Star Trek

Star Trek Upcoming Episodes
Star Trek Archives
Star Trek Locations
ST: DS9 Episodes Web Pages
ST: Voyager Episode Web Pages
Star Trek Ships: Expanded
The Klingon Language Institute

Sci-Fi Channel


TV/Movie Server

The Movie Database
Occasionally, we get into a discussion as to where have we seen a certain actor or actress before. We use this movie database to get our answers.

Weather Servers

UNISYS Weather Page
The Weather Channel

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